Ꭲαngαrine ☁ Ꮎut of Ꮥight /
May 9, 2013

Seek & Sigh

An ambitious project I did for the Tangarine twins. I'm not really sure what this is. Tell me.

Brussels 1988 /
February 7, 2012

The Glow Pt. 2

Old footage from a voyage to Brussels set to an instrumental track from one of my alltime favorite albums; The Glow Pt. 2 by the Microphones.

Birth Waltz /
September 18, 2011

Wedding Cinema

A brief excerpt from a wedding project I did. We do wedding / family films, email us for more information.

Music is by Alexandre Desplat from the strangely beautiful movie "Birth".

Tangarine ❄ White of the

World /
December 31, 2010


official music film for Tangarine's "White of the World" from their new album "Wintersongs: the December Sessions".

enlighten your winter and listen to the complete record freely here: wintersongs.nl / tangarine.bandcamp.com

This film was shot on a canon 550d / 50mm f1.4, a bare panasonic gs-320 and a canon 1014E AZ super 8mm camera. Graded with the nick campbell presets for magic bullet looks.


directed by Jonathan Sterkenburg

Turn off HD if video doesn't play.

Vincent's Daydream /
December 1, 2010

A new doctersterkenburg collaboration

A new film by Jonathan Sterkenburg and Christiaan Docter. This short documentary is compiled only from images shot on 10.10.10. It will also be used in the One Day on Earth project. Here >>> you can read an interview they had with me.

The short is about Vincent, who suffers from the rare Leigh syndrome. This condition impairs muscular (including speech) and cognitive development. Life expectancy for this diagnosis is estimated on 10 years. On 10.10.10 Vincent celebrated his 10th birthday. This is what happened that day. Later another short will be published, using the great amount of material we shot at other moments.

You can follow us at our new blog: doctersterkenburg.tumblr.com.

Turn off HD if video doesn't play.

10.10.10 /
September 15, 2010


The film & music duo DocterSterkenburg >>> is being revived. This is a test film for a short documentary we're making about this boy - Vincent - who suffers from the rare leigh syndrome. This is an energy disorder, and only after a few minutes of activity he has to rest for a long time. The syndrome gives him an official life expectancy of 10 and coming 10 - 10 - 10 he will be 10.

The music in this test is by Max Richter, Christiaan Docter will score the final documentary. Here >>> you can see a 27 sec. promo we made to raise money for research on energy disorders, that one with original music by C. Docter.

Turn off HD if video doesn't play.

e m b r y o v i s i o n s /
April 26, 2010

Womb Adventures

I think it's hard to believe if you just watch it one time without effort. But if you try, you'll discover there really is a boy and mother recognizable in every shot.

A big part of the film I shot for the "gebroken wit" movie was failed because I filmed with a lens adapter and it didn't work out. I didn't watch it before cause the stills looked completely irrecognizable. But when I just played it all the way through a few days back, it turned out the movements actually did reveal human presence in a beautiful, womb-like, way.

Now i've played it tens of times, I'm almost able to see everything I have filmed. every time I see new things becoming visible again. All these things I made up, the way the boy and the mother looked at each other, reading to each other or playing guitar and piano, but most of all the close ups and macro close ups.

Everything, but especially these, reminded me of the most wonderfull photographs I know: the explorations of the womb by lennart nilsson from the mid-seventies.

f i l m & m u s i c b y j o n a t h a n s t e r k e n b u r g

Turn off HD if video doesn't play.

embryo visions # 2 >>>

Elly Nieman | Gebroken Wit /
April 12, 2010

a super 8 movie

The final HD version of the Super 8mm movie for the song "Gebroken Wit" by Elly Nieman, introducing Rolina & Benjamin Grasmeijer. Shot in the Netherlands during one of the toughest winters since years. The music is composed by Jan Borger, who also plays the piano.

This song and film are dedicated to Lida.

"Circusprinces" is hier te koop: deboeinijverdal.nl

Elly Nieman - Gebroken Wit
Piano & Composition: Jan Borger
Cello: Torsten Harder
Violin: Peter van Essen
introducing Rolina & Benjamin Grasmeijer (thank you!)
Directed by Jonathan Sterkenburg


Turn off HD if video doesn't play.

music video for "wiegelied" compiled from remaining footage >>>

Tegenwind /
March 5, 2010

new music video for Elly Nieman & Tangarine

Official videoclip for the new single "Tegenwind" by Elly Nieman and Tangarine & Friends. It's an alternative americana / folk version of the original song that's available on Elly Nieman's solo album "Circusprinces".

I wasn't fully conscious that we were actually going to make a clip when I visited Elly with the two Tangarine brothers a few weeks ago. But since I've got there anyway we decided to make a little tour on the tandem in the freezing cold. The studio footage wasn't done by me by the way, but by Sander from Tangarine.

The single will soon be available, probably on these websites:


Turn off HD if video doesn't play. Double click for full screen.

Elly Nieman | Gebroken Wit /
february 5, 2010

test version #0.3

Here's a first cut from an off the wall telecine of the videoclip for Elly Nieman & Jan Borger's "Gebroken Wit".

Losing many of my footage I shot for this film has been a big disappointment. But now I look at it, it seems that keeping with outdoors images only is complementing the song in a good way. The final version, transfered to High Definition, can be expected in about three weeks!

Gebroken Wit /
january 20, 2010

A Super 8 Movie is coming

Muziektelevisie was asked to do an official music video for Elly Nieman, better known from the duo Elly & Rikkert. The film will be made in Super 8, the most beautiful motion picture format that exists. We always try to emulate the old film look of 8mm already, but nothing beats the real thing with it's unpredictable behaviour and gorgeous dust, scratches and grain.

The filming is already done and is being processed at the moment. It will take a month or so still. The film will combine snowwhite nature cinematography with indoors scenery with a mother and her child. For the time waiting, here is a Super 8 Movie by nomadic filmmaker Vincent Moon. It's actually both of us favorite video ever...

Contrasts Trailer /
november 23, 2009

News from Reykjavík

A new experimental documentary by Klaas de Vries and Joaquim Pintó is in the making. The trailer has nothing to do with the film, but still, is the trailer.

The film, which explores the many faces of Iceland, was shown in a temporary cut in front of a huge audience just before Christmas. A final cut will be submitted to an Icelandic experimental documantary film festival, taking place in april 2010.

Homesick in Reykjavík /
october 11, 2009


A personal project by Klaas de Vries.

Strolling around Reykjavík on a sunny day can be quite fabulous. We decided to take the guitar and go for a "take away show" à la Vincent Moon. It ended up as a music video featuring a Kings of Convenience song. This week they will present their new album on the Reykjavík Airwaves Festival. We shot this video in two beautiful days in october, while being here on an exchange.

Dedicated to the winter of '09. May the glorious days of old revive once again.

Bijke_ /
august 28, 2009


on the piano they have this phrase ///
it says ///
better a good neighbour ///
than a far-away friend ///

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Come on, feel the Groningen! /
june 19, 2009


we met two years ago ///
he makes music ///
i make film ///
this is what we made ///

Turn off HD if video doesn't play. Double click for full screen.

An Invisible Light /
june 15, 2009


the wind blew through the forest ///
and i saw a light ///
the human eye cannot see ///

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One Day Like This /
april 19, 2009


we went to the lake ///
we were on a boat ///
the dog swam ///
everything was drenched in sunshine ///
it was a day to remember ///
one day like this ///

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Een Hommage aan de

Wipmolen /
march 23, 2009

Hollandse taferelen in de Naardermeerpolder

Mijn vader heeft zijn derde molen gebouwd en daar moest natuurlijk een mooie film voor gemaakt worden. En we waren niet alleen, Benjamin - een jongen van 6 die al van jongs af aan compleet gefascineerd is door molens - was er ook bij en in het filmpje demonstreert hij mooi hoe de vang werkt.

Hij heeft zo goed als exact dezelfde molen gemaakt als vorige keer. De molen is volledig naar authentiek model op schaal 1:10 (vlucht: 270 cm). Het binnenwerk is ook authentiek en het lijkt alsof je in een echte molen bent als je naar binnen kijkt (zoals in het filmpje wel te zien is). De wipmolen doet het dus ook werkelijk en kan ook water wegpompen.

Hij staat momenteel te koop, je kunt rechtstreeks een bericht sturen aan mijn vader op l.sterkenburg@chello.nl >>>. Als je gewoon een vraag of opmerking hebt vindt hij dat ook wel leuk trouwens.

Op de filmografie pagina >>> vind je heel veel stills / foto's van de wipmolen, ook van beelden die de film niet hebben gehaald.

Turn off HD if video doesn't play. Double click for full screen.

Our first full feature short

film... /
february 24, 2009

Vague Millimeter

It was a hard birth, but Muziektelevisie has finished it's first very serious project. It's a long music video for Audiotransparent >>>, a slow paced post-rock band from Groningen. It's not a secret we are huge fans of the Sigur Rós videoclips >>> and the idea of making a short film to a long epic song is partially inspired by them.

A script was made and Bram Urbanus was asked to star the short film. Stefan Hageman was asked to play the son, whom I picked up at local youth theater school.

We have experienced that not all people do see the storyline in the film. So if you watch it, it's recommended to pay close attention to all details and use your imagination just a little bit. If you still can't figure it out, you can download the original script >>> to resolve all the mysteries. Or check out the filmography page >>> for a brief story outline.

Turn off HD if video doesn't play. Double click for full screen.

Muziektelevisie wishes you a merry

Christmas /
december 24, 2008

...and spreads the joy with a brand new video!

It features one of the most beautiful Christmas compositions ever made: O Come, O Come Emmanuel. This version, performed by Sufjan Stevens, is a very plain and demure interpretation, with the lonesome piano creating an almost magical atmosphere. We picked some nostalgic 8mm Christmas footage, added a bunch of effects and voìla; our Christmas card was born.


Muziektelevisie is a Groningen-based film duo consisting of J.T. Sterkenburg and K. de Vries. Their filming style is characterized by slightly surrealistic manipulations and a nostalgic undertone.

Muziektelevisie works for bands or artists who wish to feature their music with film. If you want to know more about that, or something else, send us a message: muziektelevisie@gmail.com >>>

vimeo.com/muziektelevisie >>>
youtube.com/muziektelevisie >>>
doctersterkenburg.tumblr.com >>>

Vincent's Daydream >>>
A Faded White | Super 8mm movie >>>
One Day Like This >>>
Come on, feel the Groningen! >>>
An Invisible Light >>>