e m b r y o v i s i o n s /
april 2010


I think it's hard to believe if you just watch it one time without effort. But if you try, you'll discover there really is a boy and mother recognizable in every shot.

A big part of the film I shot for the "gebroken wit" movie was failed because I filmed with a lens adapter and it didn't work out. I didn't watch it before cause the stills looked completely irrecognizable. But when I just played it all the way through a few days back, it turned out the movements actually did reveal human presence in a beautiful, womb-like, way.

Now i've played it tens of times, I'm almost able to see everything I have filmed. every time I see new things becoming visible again. All these things I made up, the way the boy and the mother looked at each other, reading to each other or playing guitar and piano, but most of all the close ups and macro close ups.

Everything, but especially these, reminded me of the most wonderfull photographs I know: the explorations of the womb by lennart nilsson from the mid-seventies.

f i l m & m u s i c b y j o n a t h a n s t e r k e n b u r g

e m b r y o v i s i o n s # 1


e m b r y o v i s i o n s # 2


artist: Jonathan Sterkenburg
composition: forlorn sound (5:04) & light shines upon children faces (5:43)
release: Dew Eye Sessions


recording dates: december 2009
total footage: 12 minutes
time spent on editing: +/- 1 hour
equipment: Canon 310XL with twoneil+ lens adapter
software: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Garageband


Muziektelevisie is a Groningen-based film duo consisting of J.T. Sterkenburg and K. de Vries. Their filming style is characterized by slightly surrealistic manipulations and a nostalgic undertone.

Muziektelevisie works for bands or artists who wish to feature their music with film. If you want to know more about that, or something else, send us a message: muziektelevisie@gmail.com >>>

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