Stedentrip Rotterdam /
february 2008


Although innitially the Drachten video is regarded as the beginning of the Sterkenburg / de Vries filmduo, there is also much to be said for this work as their actual birth. Where Welbehagen (preview version) was only an assembly of raw footage, we see here for the first time the essential characteristics of their cinematographic style. For the first time they began with experimenting with the mood of the video to achieve an alternative look at reality. This has resulted in a video that begins light-spirited, but soon shows her true nature and carry the viewer into nostalgia.


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artist: Spinvis >>>
songs: Dag 1 and Mare Frigoris
release: Goochelaars & Geesten >>>


recording date: february 10, 2008
total footage: 50 minutes
total filming time: one day
time spent on editing: 4 hours
equipment: PANASONIC NV-GS320 3CCD
software: Adobe Premiere CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3


Muziektelevisie is a Groningen-based film duo consisting of J.T. Sterkenburg and K. de Vries. Their filming style is characterized by slightly surrealistic manipulations and a nostalgic undertone.

Muziektelevisie works for bands or artists who wish to feature their music with film. If you want to know more about that, or something else, send us a message: >>>

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